USB-C Cable for AirSense 10


Conveniently provides power to your AirSense 10 using a portable battery or wall charger. Untether yourself from the need to find the wall plug.

  • Use a power bank with 100W USB-C output or output
    When removing the mask, AirMini (with SmartStop ON) requires more power to spin up the motor for max air output. Battery with less than 60 – 65W of output cannot provide sufficient power and will briefly interrupt the power to AirMini. This is expected behavior.
  • Use a power bank with more than 20000mA (74Wh)
    This will provide 10 – 14 hours of usage time for AirMini. Depends on user’s average air pressure.

Length: 28cm cables on both sides

Input Connector: USB Type-C

Output Connector: AirSense10

Power: Minimum 24V/0.83A (Standard)

Special Notes:
Certain battery manufacturers have incorporated a “voltage variation protection chip” into their battery design. However, the voltage draw patterns of AirMini and AirSense may activate this protection chip, preventing the battery from supplying power to the devices. This chip is typically used on very high-end batteries.




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