New Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

Introducing the Z2 Auto Travel CPAP

Z2 Auto - The Best Travel Cpap Machine

The New Z2 Auto is the ultimate travel cpap machine. It weighs only 299 grams and is 30% quieter than the Z1. The Z2 Auto is perfect for airtravel, camping, caravanning, hiking and can be used as your regular cpap device.

The Only 12 Volt Travel CPAP - Z2 Auto

The Z2 can be used with AC or DC power making it perfect for adventure! It will automatically adjust between 110-240v when travelling overseas and can be used with any 12V power source such as the powershell or pilot12 Lite battery.

Auto On / Auto Off

When enabled, simply start breathing through your cpap mask and the Z2 will automatically start delivery therapy pressure. Take your mask off and the Z2 will automatically stop.

CPAP Mask Compatibility

The Z2 will work perfectly with your favourite CPAP mask. It's 100% compatible with every CPAP mask available.

Nitelog App

The Z2 comes with bluetooth functionality. Using the Nitelog App you can review sleep data, adjust settings, and operate your Z2 directly from your phone.

Ultra Light Weight

The Z2 is FAA approved for use on airplanes. It's also the lightest travel CPAP weighing in at only 299 grams.


Nitelog App

Monitor your sleep data on the go with the Nitelog App. Available for download from the App store and google play store. You can also change settings and operate the Z2 directly from the App

"Trucker from S.A and this unit has been a godsend! Plugs directly into my 12v plug and runs like a dream! Unbelievably small which is great for the truck. Also very handy for holidays and travel. Cheers. 5 Stars"
Geoff Thompson
Truck Driver