remsleep strips

Rediscover Nasal Breathing!

RemSleep Advanced Mouth Strips

Improves breathing & sleep quality


Stop Mouth Breathing!

Start nasal breathing tonight. Use RemSleep Strips to experience a healthier, quieter nights sleep.

Solve Real Sleep Problems

Easy to Apply & Remove


Be sure to wash and thoroughly dry your lips to get the best seal.


Separate the RemSleep Strip from the plastic protector.


Close your lips and turn them slightly inward and apply.


Lightly apply pressure on the RemSleep Strips to closed, inverted lips.

You'll love them too!

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Do You Wear A CPAP Mask?

Reduce mouth leak, dry mouth and improve your therapy comfort.

Important! Do Not Use RemSleep If You

Have nasal breathing difficulties

Are obese (BMI over 35)

Have very low blood pressure

Have severe heart or breathing conditions

Have a cold, sinus or ear infection

Have sensitive lips or non intact skin around the mouth

Have consumed alcohol or sedatives