RemSleep X Mouth Strips For CPAP Mouth Leak


The key to better sleep is simple: close your mouth and breathe through your nose. RemSleep Mouth X Strips make that easy to do. Sleep with RemSleep X to promote nose breathing, reduce open-mouth snoring, and for those with sleep apnea, improve CPAP compliance.

Many CPAP users suffer from dry mouth caused by mouth leak. Mouth leak can also lead to tooth decay and increased cpap noise and also reduces the effectiveness of the cpap therapy. RemSleep mouth strips reduce mouth leak and improves cpap comfort.

Do not use RemSleep if you

  • Have nasal breathing difficulties
  • Are obese (BMI over 35)
  • Have very low blood pressure
  • Have severe heart or breathing problems
  • Have a cold, sinus or ear infection
  • Have severely chapped lips or non-intact skin immediately around the mouth
  • Have consumed alcohol or sedatives


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