Deluxe CPAP Tubing Hose Cover


Product Description

Made from a durable nylon material and available in a dark blue color, the Sunset Healthcare CPAP hose cover is made to fit any standard 6ft CPAP hose tubing. Hose covers are designed to reduce the “rainout” effect caused by excessive heated humidification which leads to moisture build up in the CPAP hose.

“Rainout” (excessive moisture) in the CPAP hose can begin to make a gurgling sound when the air passes over the water trapped in the hose.  The air passing over the built up water causes the popping or gurgling sound. The CPAP hose cover helps keep the tubing at a constant temperature from the humidifier to the mask eliminating the chance of the water building up in the tube.

Included In This Package

  • (1) Deluxe Tubing Hose Cover with Zipper

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