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We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand for BMC machines. We have recently received a new shipment however we do expect these product to be on back order again in a few weeks. We have a limit of 1 per customer. Thank you

The New Release 2021 BMC Luna IQ Machine with Integrated H60S Heated Tube Humidifier delivers Auto Adjusting Pressure, reslex pressure relief and many comfort features such as a Heated Tube Humidifier.

Included With This Purchase:

  • BMC Luna IQ Auto Machine
  • Luna IQ Heated Humidifier
  • Optional Hybernite Heated Tube Upgrade Kit
  • 2 x Reusable Foam Filters ( 1 installed )
  • Power Supply
  • SD Card
  • Carrying Case
  • 5 Year Australian Warranty
  • Your Choice Of BMC CPAP Mask – All Masks come as a fit pack which included Small / Medium / Large sizes in the one pack

You can also hire the BMC Luna IQ for $69 Month

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BMC Luna Auto IQ Auto Machine with Integrated H60 Heated Tube Humidifier

The Newly Released BMC Luna Auto IQ is one of the most sought after Automatic CPAP Machine on the Australian market today. The Luna Auto was designed to do all the work for you, adjusting automatically to deliver the right amount of pressure throughout the night.

The Luna IQ includes advanced flow sensor technology to automatically track your breathing, detect the onset of snoring and sleep apnea and automatically increases the pressure until the airway is fully open. The result is a quiet, healthy nights sleep free from snoring and sleep apnea

With the Integrated H60 Heated Humidifier, the luna IQ gives you extra comfort while adding just the right amount of humidity that you need throughout the night.

Important Features

BMCares app is another great feature that allows you remote access to your sleep therapy directly from your smartphone.

Reslex is design to help users adjust as they exhale during sleep therapy. The machine will operate a low pressure until a higher pressure is needed. Reslex is a comfort feature that eases the exhalation process making it easier to breathe out against the air flow. Reslex offers 3 settings, with 1 being the lowest drop in pressure and 3 the largest drop in pressure, or you can simply turn it off and not have any drop in pressure if you choose.

Auto On/Off features automatic starting and stopping of therapy when the user puts their mask on and starts breathing, or takes the mask off when your therapy is finished..

Important Tips When Using The BMC Luna IQ Auto

    • Cleaning: Clean the water chamber before using the humidifier for the first time. It is important clean the water chamber once a week. The humidifier exterior may be cleaned with running water and a mild cleanser. After rinsing the humidifier, make sure to dry the lid and body entirely.
    • Travel: Empty the water from the humidifier water chamber before placing the machine and humidifier in the BMC carrying case. This case is designed to hold the device as well as the accessories in order to protect each part while traveling.



  1. BMC N4 Nasal Mask Fit Pack – All Sizes S/M/L included

The N4 by BMC is a new lightweight Nasal  Interface. The ultra lightweight and minimal design means the mask is easy to assemble, wear and clean. The innovative designed means the mask has more movement and flexibility, meaning there are minimal mask leaks. Most importantly it is light and comfortable to wear. The N4 also comes in a Starter Pack, with all 3 sizes included to ensure the perfect fit.


2. BMC P2 Nasal Pillow Mask Fit Pack – All Sizes S/M/L included

BMC Medical – P2 Nasal Pillows Interface – S / M / L cushions all included with the pack.

P2 Nasal Pillows Interface is a brand new mask with minimalism design, including the headgear, it only has few parts, makes it much easier to not only wear but also clean and assemble. Most important, it is so light and comfortable, while wearing you can hardly feel it.


3. BMC F5 Full Face Fit Pack –  All Sizes S / M / L included

The iVolve F2 Full Face Mask channels airflow non-invasively to a patient from a positive airway pressure device such as a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or bi-level system.

Please note there is 20% restocking fee for returns. Please check our full T & Cs before purchasing or hiring our cpap equipment

You can also hire the BMC Luna IQ for $69 Month



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Mask Style

Full Face, Nasal, Nasal Pillow, No Mask Required

Heated Tube

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28 reviews for BMC Luna IQ Auto Package

  1. Margaret Flemming

    This is my first Auto CPAP machine and i love it! I paid through Afterpay and it arrived two days after ordering. There is very little noise and the machine turns on by itself so you don’t even need to press the buttons. Very happy with Nick on the online chat who advised me on how to order. Thank you

  2. Steve

    I purchased the Luna with the P2 Mask and i’m extremely happy with it! It’s very quiet and very easy to use. I have stopped snoring and i feel much better during the day. I originally stopped breathing 51 times an hour and now it’s less than 4. It’s a great price compared to all the others.

  3. John Dallas

    I have been using it for a week and i feel amazing! I wish i had gone one 10 years ago. No longer snoring and the machine is super quiet and simple to use. It arrived 3 days after purchase. If you are feeling tired of a day and snoring heavily at night time do yourself a favour and get one of these machines. You wont regret it

  4. Sally manning

    So far, So good! Loving how the machine automatically turns on and off and it’s very simple to use. Super quiet during operation and i feel 10 x better during the day. The small P2 mask is very comfortable and easy to adjust. Very happy overall with the service and price

  5. Victor Hurle

    This machine has literally saved my marriage. I feel like a new person during the day and i’v stopped snoring. It might seem like a lot of money however it’s a lot more affordable than others and i find it very quiet and easy to use. The machine literally turns on itself when you start breathing. The company support has been first class and the shipping was fast and free. Good range of payment options also

  6. Bart Gurry

    I have only been using it a week and i love it. You can hardly hear it and it has completely stopped my snoring. I have a check in with the specialist in a months time so hopefully it is helping with my sleep apnoea. I have it connected via the BMCares App so i can show my doctor the data on my phone. Shipping was fast and free and it came well packaged with easy to understand instructions. Also watched a view tutorial videos on the website. Overall very happy with the price and service

  7. Scott Jefferies

    I did a one month trial on a resimed and was quoted $2700! No Thank You. I have been using the Luna for one month now and it’s equally as quiet. Considering it was 1/3 the price i’m extremely happy with it. I was also able to pay it off in instalments which helped as i’m on a pension. The machine arrived 2 days after ordering it and it’s very simple to use. The water chamber part is easy to open and clean and fill up. The machine turns on automatically when you start breathing and it has the pressure relief feature also. I found the customer support to be friendly and informative. If you don’t have a lot of money than this is a great option

  8. Mitch

    I have only used it for two nights but so far so good. The most impressive thing is the noise, whisper quiet! Happy with the service and quick delivery

  9. Dom

    Very happy with this device and friendly customer support

  10. Richard

    This machine is very quiet and it’s very simple to operate. If you put your mask on and start breathing it will automatically turn on and start the air. The staff have been friendly and helpful in changing some settings. My wife is happy that i have stopped snoring and i feel like i have more energy of a day. Thank you

  11. David

    Very impressed with this machine! It is honestly super super quiet! Easily as quiet as my previous resimed which i paid over $2000 for. It’s also very easy to fill up and clean the water section which is great. The machine just turns on by itself when you start breathing and it’s easier to breath with compared to my last machine. It’s also a good size (pretty small) and has a nice colour screen and nice buttons. Hard to fault really! The price is also very good compared to the other rip off machines over $2000. I haven’t used the app yet but i will probably download it in the coming weeks to check out my data. Machine arrived 3 days after purchase by courier. Support has been good

  12. Peter Aitken

    Incredible package and price! Machine is super quiet and turns on automatically. It’s nice and small and comes in a great little case. I was sceptical because of the low price but it truly is a very good automatic cpap machine. The mask it comes with seems okay however i’m using a different one for the time being (fisher paykel eson 2). Very happy customer

  13. Jane

    5 stars! Paid via afterpay as i could not afford to purchase it outright. The machine arrived 2 days after purchase, well packaged. It comes in lovely case but best of all the machine is extremely quiet! I have downloaded the BMCares app for my iphone and you just scan a little code on the machine and it shows you all your sleep data! My apnoea levels are down from 50 per hour to less than 4 per hour in one week. I feel like a new person! The customer service including the online chat has been great. Very happy

  14. Leslie

    Being on a disability pension i live week to week so being able to pay off this machine monthly was a blessing. The guys are extremely nice to talk to and it arrived next day! (i’m in Melbourne Also). It’s a very easy machine to use, just fill up the water part and then once your mask is on you can just press the on button or start breathing and the machine starts up and then it will help with your sleep apnea. I feel much better when i use it compared to when i didn’t have one. I use the small pillow mask that fits in your nose. I find it comfortable compared to the bigger ones. If you are on a low income then this is a great deal. Thank you

  15. Julie

    Super happy with this Automatic CPAP Machine. It’s very quiet when it’s running and i like the pressure relieve feature. It’s also quite small and portable and comes in a nice carry case. I still use my old philips mask with it and it works very well. The water part is very easy to open and close and clean. 5 Stars

    5 out of 5

  16. Jon B

    A great package at an affordable price. The only company that seems to be giving low income earners a chance to get this therapy. Postage was free and quick and the support has been very good. The device itself looks great! It’s easy to use and best of all is super quiet during operation. It’s very easy to setup and also very simple to change the water. It comes in a neat little case. I haven’t used any of the data features yet however i believe you can download an app and scan a code off the machine. I’m a happy customer

  17. Shaun Fetch

    Such great value for money! And to be able to pay it off in instalments over 8 weeks using afterpay was a big help! I did upgrade my mask to a philips dreamwear which suits me as i sleep on my stomach. The machine is so easy to operate and it’s very very quiet. The user interface is also easy and well thought out. The BMCares app is great for checking your data. Simple scan a QR code on the machine using the app and it displays all your sleep data which has been handy for me as i have regular check ups with a sleep health professional. Happy to give this package a 5 star rating. Delivery was fast and free and i used the online chat for a few questions which were answered with great depth.

  18. Helen F

    Agree with all these previous reviews however i have found the best mask to be the dreamwear by philips which this company was also able to supply me although it’s not on their website. The machine is very quiet! I also enjoy the auto start function. It’s reasonably small and comes with a nice bag. I’m very happy with the service and the quick postage. Thank you

  19. Jules

    Being on a disability pension this package was perfect for me and i feel 100% better using it. Very little noise and easy to use. Happy with the service and free delivery

  20. Shaun Mullings

    I originally hired a Philips Machine as was told the total cost was $2700 to buy with no option for further rental after the first month. I have since purchased this package and have been delighted with the quality although i did go and purchase my original mask which was a dreamwear nasal cushion for an extra $189. The delivery was free and the equipment arrived within one week after purchase. I can’t sleep without it and i recommend it to all my friends and family

  21. James Bryne

    I recently purchased a LUNA IQ from REMSLEEP. After 6 months i was having problems with the humidifier.I contacted Nick and told him my problem and told him i was going on holiday soon and needed a working machine. Nick apologized for the problem and a replacement machine arrived the day before i went on holiday.I have had no problems with the replacement machine It’s good to know there are still companies out there that don’t give you the runaround. I would definitely deal with this company again.Well done to Nick and staff.

    James Byrne

  22. Wendy H

    Overall i have been very happy with the Luna and service however recently my mask had a tear in the cushion part and i found out that the masks only have a 3 month warranty period. This is also across all manufacturers of masks. I found this to be a very short time frame for such expensive items. I’m glad this machine has a 5 year warranty however i think the masks should have a longer warranty. The machine is very quiet and easy to operate. One thing that got me a little is that you need to just tap the on button to start but then hold it down to stop the air. Thank you to Nick who replaced my mask on the chat

  23. Seb

    Super impressed with this machine. I have had 3 Auto machines over past 10 years and this is by far the quietest i have used. I did have to wait quite some time for the delivery as it was on back order so just make sure it’s in stock when you order it. You won’t regret it!

  24. Suzie

    I’m one happy wife! I got this for my husband who has the loudest snoring and now he’s absolutely silent! He also doesn’t toss and turn all night like he use to. It’s taken him a few nights to get use to the mask but it really is an amazing cpap machine. There’s a little bit of noise that comes from the machine but it’s so much better than the snoring. Very happy

  25. Peter Larkin

    The first unit i receive had a humidifier fault but the fellas were quick to sort it out and send a new one which hasn’t missed a beat. I did also spend a bit of extra money and get a better mask. Check out the new ResMed P30i which is on this site in the mask section. The Machine is very quiet when the pump is on and the air adapts with your breathing. It’s a very easy to use auto cpap. I also like that it’s relatively small and easy to pack up as i move around a bit. Price is very very cheap for what you get and i was able to get mine using afterpay which makes it a bit easier as i’m a pensioner. Support has been helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you

  26. Carlo

    Great affordable machine and great customer service. It was great to be able to use Afterpay so i can still put food on the table but can also now get a great sleep. I feel 100% better when using the machine compared to sleeping without it. It’s a godsend.

  27. Leon D

    My machine has honestly changed my life in so many ways. I no longer have to sleep in the spare room for one and i just feel so much more awake and alert during the day and i’m also loosing weight. If you think you have sleep apnea or you’re a snoring machine like me then do yourself a favour and rent or buy one of these machines. It’s very quiet and its basic to use. The machine will self regulate the pressure to stop your snoring and you will wake up felling brand new. You can thank me later. Cheers

  28. Carlos D

    If you’re on a pension like me then this is a great option. The package comes with a mask however i do recommend getting the heated tube option as i didn’t get this originally and i was getting a lot of water build up from the humidifier. The heated tube fixed this issue. The machine was delivered in 3 days during covid which was impressive and i have enjoyed the tutorials. Thanks to Nick for sorting me out!

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