AirMini Camping Pack



1 x ResMed AirMini + AC power supply (wall power cable)

1 x AirPro Copilot Battery For AirMini/AirSense 11 (Can also be used with AirSense10 with additional USB-C Cable –

1 x AirPro Solar Backpack

1 x RemSleep Hard Case (for Airmini)

1 x RemSleep Soft Travel Case

You’ll need to buy your mask/tube kit elsewhere

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The RemSleep AirPro backpack features a 9W copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) thin-filmed cell. This technology has a conversion efficiency of 19.2% which sets the world record for CIGS sputtering technology. It adheres directly to the surface and is lightweight, ultra-thin and flexible.

Inside the backpack is a voltage regulator with intelligent charging. It features a 2 x USB outlets, including a quick-charge USB.

The solar can charge a 10000 mAH power bank in 8.5 hours or an iPhone X in 3 hours

It has RFID technology and is large enough to carry all your travel cpap supplies, including the RemSleep battery and solar products.




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