Fisher & Paykel Vitera

With technologies that work together to provide breathability, adaptability and stability throughout the night, F&P Vitera is a mask that redefines comfort.

Keep cool and comfortable with Vitera VentiCoolâ„¢

Vitera headgear features proprietary breathable fabric that allows 21 times more air flow and 35% more moisture transfer than the material used in our leading range of full face masks.

Vitera VentiCool Headgear showing heat reduction technology

Vitera Mask Features

Incredible Ease-of-use features from Fisher Paykel Healthcare

Adjustable headgear

Easy adjustment for best fit.

Removable forehead clip

Reduces headgear tangling.

VisiBlueâ„¢ colour cues

Blue highlights on the mask to assist with mask use.

Headgear Clips

Designed to remain secure throughout the night.

Vitera Mask Stability
93% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more stable than their usual mask 93%
Preferred Sleep Position
88% of patients could sleep in their preferred sleep position throughout the night 88%
More Comfortable
90% of patients rated the Vitera as equally or more comfortable on the face compared to their usual mask 90%

Wake Up Feeling Good!

How to fit the F&P Vitera CPAP Mask
How to clean the F&P Vitera CPAP Mask
"I love my Vitera! I love how secure it is on my face and how it never leaks air. The headgear is a lovely fabric and it's easy to wash and clean"
Jill Skiller