SmartMed iDisc

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SmartMed iDisc Auto

The ultimate hybrid auto cpap

iDisc Heated Tube Humidifier

The fully integrated heated tube humidifier enables automatic, humidity control no matter what the weather conditions. Pre-heating humidifier options are available for ultimate comfort.

Top Features Include

Auto On / Auto Off

When enabled, simply start breathing through your cpap mask and the iDisc will automatically start delivering the therapy pressure. Take your mask off and the iDisc will automatically stop.

Small & Portable

With the click of a button your iDisc becomes the perfect travel companion.

Smart Sleep App

The idisc comes with 4g functionality. Using the Smart Sleep App you can easily review you and export your sleep data.

IPR Pressure Relief

Exhalation pressure relief reduces the therapy pressure when you breathe out making therapy more enjoyable and easier to tolerate.


BMC Luna G3 Demonstration VIDEO

Universal CPAP Mask Compatibility

The BMC Luna G3 Auto is universally compatible with all CPAP mask brands / styles.

4G Data

Smart Sleep app and cloud based data platform make viewing and sharing sleep reports a breeze!

Portable & Lightweight

Take your iDisc with you where ever you go. premium carry case included.

5 Year Australian Warranty

Peace of mind guaranteed with a 5 year Australian warranty on all SmartMed CPAP Machines

Smart Sleep App

Monitor your sleep data on the go with the Smart Sleep App. Available for download from the App store and google play store.

Wake Up Happy!

CPAP Hire Options $89/Month

Hire a complete BMC Luna G3 package including mask delivered to your door.

"I purchased this complete set up with humidifier, heated hose, battery and travel power pack. At home with everything set up it is extremely quiet, almost inaudible. Very happy with that side of it. As a motorcyclist I also liked the compact nature of just the cpap minus the humidifier for packing on the bike. Have only had one trip away so far but find the machine still quiet but the mask and hosing is very loud with the pressure on auto. Not sure what the answer is yet or if i can do something different to make it quieter."
Mark Loring