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CPAP machines are used to treat sleep apnea and disruptive snoring.

All our CPAP machines are automatic which means they provide automatic, tailored pressure delivery for each individuals needs


Most cpap machines come with heated tube humidifiers. Humidifiers add water vapour to the air which helps to alleviate congestions and reduces dry mouth and throat.

Travel CPAP Machines

Function like regular machines but are smaller in size and weight making them ideal for travel. They are often used on airplanes and for leisure activities like camping and hiking etc.


Afterpay enables you to buy now and pay off the equipment in 4 x fortnightly payments. We also have a number payment plan options available.


Trial CPAP therapy for an affordable monthly hire fee. Easily apply online and have a CPAP package delivered to your door in just a few days.

Choose the perfect HIRE plan

Complete CPAP Packages from only $69/month (min 6 month hire plan)


Per month / min 6 Month


Per month/ Min 6 Month

Frequently asked CPAP questions

CPAP machines create positive airway pressure. This air pressure prevents snoring and sleep apnea by keeping the airway open and reducing restriction in the upper airway.

CPAP machines cost between $1000-$2000 depending on the manufacturer and model. We recommend you choose a CPAP machine based on your budget as all machines will be beneficial to your sleep.

In Australia you do not require a sleep test or prescription to trial CPAP therapy however it is always best to get health advice from your medical professional.

Yes. We have CPAP Hire options available starting at only $69/month. It’s an affordable and convenient way to trial cpap therapy so you can see the benefits for yourself. You can purchase at any stage of the hire period.

It’s works the same way as a normal cpap machine but is smaller and lightweight. Travel Cpap machines do not come with humidifiers and instead utilise HME (heat moisture exchange filters) for humidification. Some people do not require humidification whilst travelling.

All CPAP machines treat sleep apnea and snoring with the same positive airway pressure method. We recommend you choose a device based on your budget. All our machines are fully automatic. They will monitor your breathing and adjust the therapy pressure automatically throughout the night to keep your airway open.

Our clients say

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"This is my first CPAP machine and i’m currently on the $89/month plan. I feel so much better during the day and my husband says i don’t make a noise of a night. I find i no longer need a ‘powernap’ after lunch and my head just seems to be a lot clearer and less foggy. I also don’t get headaches anymore which is a blessing. It has taken me a good 2-3 weeks to get use to the mask and learning how to breathe with the extra air pressure but now i feel i have mastered it. I have enjoyed learning about the sleep data and have the BMCares app on my phone. Very happy with the team and the quick delivery. Always able to get them on the phone to which is a nice change. Thanks
CPAP Hire Customer
"Currently hiring this unit for $89 a month and although it has taken me a week to get comfortable my wife says that i no longer snore and i do feel much more awake during the day. You know what they say… happy wife, happy life. Saving up so i can buy one but for now i feel it’s a good deal. Worth a try if you’re a big snorer like me."
Jamie W
CPAP Hire Customer
"I received my G3 last week and i can honestly say i feel like a new person! No more morning headaches, no more lunch time naps! I only wish i had got a machine when i first got diagnosed with sleep apnea 5+ years ago. I couldn’t believe how quiet the machine was when i first turned it on, you can barely hear it! It’s very basic to use (even i can do it). Just fill up a water tank, press it down and then start breathing and the machine will turn on. It did take me a couple of nights to get use to falling asleep with the mask but once i’m out and when i wake up i just bounce out of bed. The shipping was very fast. Thank you guys"
BMC Luna G3 Purchase
"This is my first Auto CPAP machine and i love it! I paid through Afterpay and it arrived two days after ordering. There is very little noise and the machine turns on by itself so you don’t even need to press the buttons. Very happy with Nick on the online chat who advised me on how to order. Thank you"
Margaret F
BMC Luna IQ Purchase