ResMed N30i Mask Review

ResMed N30i Mask Review

The latest addition to the ResMed AirFit range is the new N30i nasal cradle mask. This top-of-the-head tube connecting mask is available in 2 starter packs – Small & Standard. Both starter packs come with a variety of nasal cradle sizes including, small, medium, small wide & wide. 

The small starter pack comes with a small frame and the medium starter pack comes with a medium frame.

Having the tube connect at the top removers tube tangle and enables easier position changes during sleep. The sits below the eyeline thus providing clear line of sight which is beneficial for those who like to read or watch t.v before sleep. 

The customer reviews have been exceptional so make sure you check out our video review on this amazing new mask.



Fitting Guide

Mask Leaks

Weekly Cleaning

N30i FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, the N30i will deliver therapy in a wide variety of sleeping positions. When you sleep on your side, the air flow will continue along the unblocked side of the frame with compensated air flow. 

The N30i comes in a fit pack with small, medium, small wide and wide cushions so you can trial a variety of cushions in the comfort of your own home to find the one that fits best for your nose shape. There are two frame sizes, medium and small. Woman should choose the small starter pack and men should choose the standard starter pack. If the frame size sits too close to your ears, you may need to purchase a smaller size frame.

Yes you can use the N30i with any cpap machine.

You can purchase replacement parts such as the cushion, the head strap, and the springfit frame from our website. Most customers will update their frame components 1-2 times a year depending on wear and tear.

All CPAP masks come with a 3 month warranty and are classified as consumables.

N30i Video Transcript


– What’s up you guys? Nick here from CPAP reviews. Thanks for tuning in again. It’s a Friday morning here in Melbourne, Victoria. Quite a cloudy old day, but always love on a Friday, so get home, have ourselves a little scotch, bit of meat and just unwind after a big week in the office. But today I’m doing a video on the N30i from ResMed. It’s very similar to the P30i video. The N30i and P30i have the same frame, the same head gear, the same elbow, the only difference is the cushion section. So the P30 has the pillow one, that sort of goes into your nostrils. This N30i has more of a like nasal cradle, your nose just sort of sits on it, there’s nothing going into it. But the plus of that is you’re not going to get as much irritation from the pillow sort of rubbing on the inside of your nostrils. The downside is it’s probably not as secure as the P30i, but the great news is that they’re interchangeable, so you can get yourself a P30i mask, and if you’re not loving the pillows, you can buy yourself the cushion section from the N30i, and whack it in the frame, and Bob’s your uncle, away you go. So I think I’ll start the video with a closeup, so you can have a look at that little under the nose cushion section, that’s the difference with the masks. Alright guys, so here we are, up close and personal with the N30i, and I’ll just give you a little bit of a run around of the mask so you can have a look at it. Starting with under the nose, cushion section here. You can see here, this is sort of the exhalation port, it’s just little holes here, so you will get air obviously coming out of these holes. This is different from the P30i cushion, the P30i has the new quiet air filter, so it doesn’t have holes, it has sort of a filter design here, so I’m not sure why they didn’t put that in here as well, but they’ve gone with the little holes there. So you basically have this hard plastic section. All right with the sizing on it there, and then this is a bit softer. It’s still quite firm around some of the edges here, that’s obviously to provide that support, and then it gets quite soft in this section here, where the nostrils sit but that sort of sits under your nose there. Alright, so you got small, small wide and then medium on here at the moment. Just coming around here, you’ve got your soft fabric wraps that wrap around the frame section. Okay, this sort of reduces red marks when you’re lying down, also just provides a bit more comfort. Coming round the back here, nice, thick, this is really thick head gear. I like it. A bit of Velcro, nice Velcro section here. And then, at the back here, we have the elbow. It’s a quick release elbow, just like the P30i, and can easily just pinch in these little parts here just to release it. It does have holes as well so you’re going to get some exhalation from there, so you’re going to get a little bit of air coming out through here, but most of the air’s gonna come out through the front section here. It is angled down, which is good, so it’s not shooting straight across at whoever you’re facing which is nice, unless it’s a really hot night, and you need a bit of a breeze. But, yeah, that’s the little run around of the mask there. So you can get that mask in two frame sizes, the standard pack, which is going to fit probably 90% of you, and then also a small starter pack, and each starter pack comes with your small, small wide and medium under the nose cushions. Alright, in order to change the cushion size, it’s pretty simple, you just grab one hand on the cushion section, try and grab it on this firm plastic part and then the other nice and close to the little arrow and then just give it a quick pull and it’ll pull apart and then the other side as well, just give it a quick pull and then you can grab another cushion. Now it’s important here, that when you’re lining it up, you can see that one side’s got a little arrow, those little arrows on it there. So you just push them in there. The other side doesn’t have the arrows, that means you’re putting it in the wrong way. So, it’s just also good if you want to clean it. So you just boom, boom, and then you can just give it a bit of a rinse with some hot, you know warm soapy water. Same thing at the top here, you can pull that off and just run some warm soapy water through the actual hollow mask frame. Pretty straight forward though, nice and easy to sort of change the little components here. Nice and easy to put together for cleaning and stuff like that. And obviously it’s really nice and easy to take this mask off in the middle of the night if you go to the bathroom. Pinch that part and keep the mask on if you want or you can even just slip it up over your head when you go to the bathroom. But that’s your, N30i pretty cool little mask. Alright guys, let’s talk about some of the features of the N30i starting with the spring fit frame. So this frame is a hollow frame. The frame itself has these little ridges at the top here and these ridges mold to your head so if you’ve got a big head like me it’s gonna stretch out a little bit to hold it in, if you’ve got a small head it’s gonna come down a little bit but it sort of has a bit of play you can see me sort of working it there it’s got a little bit of play, so that’s really cool that little bit there. It just gives that extra bit of support. The other feature is very minimalistic mask like the P30i, there’s nothing here in front of your face. So it’s very, if you want to watch a bit of TV, or watch a bit of YouTube before you go to sleep, little bit of reading, there’s nothing here in front of your face. So, it just makes it easier to do those things, but it also feels a little bit better instead of having a big cumbersome thing right in front of your face. All right, so very minimalistic, very sort of small, light weight which is what you’re sort of wanting. Other feature, the top of the head design where the tube connects is great and I’ll show you why. This is a beautiful little CPAP pillow. I’ll put a link to where this is. You can pick this up with what they call a hose lift which is this little device over here which elevates the tubing, takes it off you and it’s perfect to use with this sort of a mask. These sort of pillows are great because they have these great contours in them so when you’re lying there on the side you can sort of here it sort of cradles to your face like that. So if we sort of come down here these masks are great for sleeping on your side. You can sleep on your back, but they’re great for on your side and also if you like to sleep on your tummy which some people do. So you can see here with the sort of tube coming down like so and attaching it to the back if you want to switch over to a different side- not sure if you can see that. It’s very easy in the night if you want to switch over, you can see that. Just you’re not trying to pull that tubing and wrestle with that tubing while you’re sleeping. And obviously when you have the tubing connected at the front there’s a lot of weight there. These tubes they weigh a little bit and so it’s gonna be constantly pulling down on the sort of mask a bit but with it connected up at the top here, all the tubing, at the back so when you’re swiveling around you’ve got nothing there in front of you it’s very easy to rotate however you want to rotate in the nighttime. Very, very cool feature. I love that feature. Another feature is these lovely soft wraps. Reduces red marks on the face, and obviously being sort of under the nose cradle, it’s another sort of reducing these red nose parts. If you’ve got sort of a raised bridge on your nose a lot of people have issues with the air escaping over the bridge, soreness on the bridge of the nose. Being just a cradle and sitting just nice and softly underneath your nose, you’re not gonna get those big red lines that you sometimes get over your nose and sort of drag down around your face. Which is also a big win. Let’s just have a quick look at some of my notes here. Easy to slide off during the night, so if you need to get up during the night you can just pinch that and off you go. Ssssss for a whiz, or you can just literally slide the whole thing off like so. Very easy to slide on and off. You’re not sort of wrestling around with clips when you try to fiddle around in the middle of the night if you do get up. You can use it with any machine so if you’ve got, you know, a BMC luna if you’ve got a Philips machine, Fisher and Paykel, you can use it you just might not be able to use it with the Air Mini machine because that will be cheeky there and they made it so you have to use ResMed masks with that machine. But there are some of the key features. Now I’ll talk about some of the reviews and feedback that we’ve had. So I went and had a look. 127 reviews, so a lot of reviews. Very popular. And it came back with an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. So, any out of 4 is good, 4.4 is very, very good. And out of those 127, eighty-six were 5-star. I might as well talk about the negatives, because there’s no point just ranting and raving about all the good stuff. People have been saying a little bit about too much air escaping from the mask and also too much air coming out through the little holes. All right, that’s sort of a common theme. There’s no diffuser on it, so with the P30i you have the quiet air filter, exhalation port, it diffuses the air it’s not sort of rushing out. When you have those holes there you get a whole lot more air. Noise from the air passing down through the frame. Now this is a bit of a common thing. Same with the DreamWear, it’s just because the air travels down through this frame and the frame passes down past your ears I think if you get up into these high air pressures, all that air passing down through the frame and past your ears can get a little bit noisy. So probably depends on how good your hearing is there. But, just something to be mindful of. The headgear not staying in one place possibly because that person may have had a smaller head and got the standard frame, I’m not sure but they’re just saying that they got quite thick hair and the back was sort of sliding off on their thick hair. Some people said that they didn’t feel they were getting a good seal and I guess that what I said before about because it’s just a cradle even though they’ve done really well in making I would think, this part, hard plastic so to give it more support there being just a little cradle, and nothing really sealing up in the nostrils I think you’re bound to get a little bit of mask lag from time to time with that sort of thing. And someone’s written about no large frame. So, if you do, if you are one of those guys that struggles to find hats that fit you, you might struggle with this frame. The positives were all like what I talked about before like the features, so people were just loving that it’s really light-weight, that it’s really minimalistic, that it’s very easy to get up and go to the bathroom in the nighttime, they love not having, you know, the tube hanging here and having it at the back of the head. Heaps of positives, way more than the negatives That’s pretty much it I’m running out of things to say. I’ll put a link in the description of the video where you can pick up this stuff. If you put in my name, N-I-C-K you’re gonna get even better prizes than what there already are. And then, and also you’ll be well looked after because you put my name in the coupon code section. All right, if you liked the video, I’d love a thumbs up. Keeps me motivated, keeps me putting these videos up. I love your feedback and comments as well. If you want to put something in, I try to reply to nearly 100% of those comments. So if you have a question or you wanna give me some feedback about what I’m wearing, maybe I should have a shave whatever it is, just put it in the comment section. And then subscribe to the channel. If you want to get the latest and greatest and all the tips from me as new gear comes out over the years. I’ll keep updating them and you’ll get notified just when they come out so you can keep getting a better night’s sleep. But, all the best have a good weekend. As usual, thanks for watching. Good on ya, bye!

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