$69/Month Online CPAP Hire Program

Many of our customers who were coming to us for CPAP therapy we’re complaining about the long and expensive process it took from when they first noticed they had a problem to receiving treatment. Long hospital wait lists, expensive specialists visits, uncomfortable sleep tests the lists goes on! We set out to change all that and since launching our online hire program in 2016 we’ve now helped over 10,000 Aussies get the sleep they deserve.


Our online hire program is quick, convenient and affordable. You can sign up in minutes and within only a few days be using cpap therapy in the comfort of your own bed!


Our machines are fully automatic, whisper quiet and extremly easy to operate! They adjust the therapy automatically to each individuals needs, minute by minute, night after night.


The hire package also comes with 3 different styles cpap masks. You will receive a full face cpap mask, a nasal and also a nasal pillow so you can try a variety of masks to find the one style that suits your breathing.


Check out our cpap hire page for more information or call 1300276632 to speak with a cpap coach today!


  1. Jay Inglis

    Hi need to hire machine.Im in sydney do you have outlet nearby..

    • admin

      Hi Jay, we ship Express post on a daily basis and service Australia wide however our physical shop fronts are in Melbourne. Thank you

  2. Debbie OFarrell

    Hi there
    Just enquiring please regarding your c pap machine . What is the full cost please versus monthly hire
    Debbie OFarrell

    • admin

      Hello, it depends on the package. We have two hire packages available. The Luna IQ ($69/month) & The Luna G3 ($89/month). The purchase price outright of the IQ is around $899 and the G3 is around $1199. Please call 1300276632 if you would like to discuss. Thank you

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