CPAP Buyers Guide

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My Top 3 Affordable Auto CPAP Machines for 2021 

1. BMC Luna G3 Auto – 

2. BMC Luna IQ Auto – 

3. Devilbiss SleepCube (Intellipap) – 


The Top 3 Expensive Auto CPAP Machines for 2021 

1. Fisher Paykel Sleep Style Auto 

2. Philips Dreamstation Auto –

3. ResMed AirSense 10 Auto –


Machine Release Dates In Order 

1. BMC Luna G3 Auto – Jan 2020 

2. BMC Luna IQ Auto – Feb 2020 

3. F&P SleepStyle – May 2017 

4. Philips Dreamstation – Oct 2015 

5. ResMed AirSense10 – Aug 2014 


1. Which mode? CPAP / AUTO(APAP) / BIPAP You want go forget about getting a standard CPAP altogether. You should definitely start with an AUTO (APAP) and if after 1-2 months you are really struggling to use the therapy consider speaking to your consultant about trialling a BIPAP device which is easier to use (but more expensive!) 

2. Which brand? If you have plenty of money then consider getting one of the big 3 (f&p, resmed, philips respironics). They are all very good machines and they all have very similar specifications. They also have similar comfort features like pressure relief features, heated tube features and good data capabilities including smart phone apps. I personally would go with a SleepStyle at this point in the product cycle as it’s only 3 years old compared to the other two which are +5 years old. If you are money conscious then you can’t go wrong with BMC Luna G3 Auto. It’s got a 5 year replacement warranty, integrated heated tube, great data capabilities, huge lcd screen and it’s ease of operation / cleaning etc is just awesome. It also retails about 50% less than the expensive brands. The Luna IQ is also a great option and is very similar but doesn’t have the integrated heated tube (you can buy a hybernite external heated tube though). The IQ is about 20% cheaper than the G3 so it’s a great option for those of you on a really tight budget. Both these options normally come with a FREE mask which is also an added saving however i do recommend upgrading the mask to a premium mask if you’re not finding it suitable. 

3. Things To Consider. Check the length of warranty, what type of warranty is it (replacement or repair) and also what happens after the warranty (ie – fixed price servicing etc). CPAP repairs are expensive so it’s good to know what money might be required after the warranty is finished if you need to get a motor replaced etc. Portability is important for some. A smaller machine is easier to travel with so if you travel frequently compare the size and weight of the different machines. There’s not a huge difference between most of them but there’s certainly some that have a smaller footprint. You might also like to check out the travel cpap machines options as a secondary unit if you really travel a lot. The best travel cpap machine is the Z2 Auto. I have one and it’s AMAZING! I don’t really recommend using travel cpap machines as your everyday device however if you don’t need humidification then there’s no reason why you can’t use them everyday. Ease of operation is next. The process of changing the humidifier water and cleaning the tank should be easy! The process of changing settings and reviewing / retrieving your data should be easy! Watch some of my videos on the different machines and you will get an idea as to how easy they are to use. Once again the Luna G3 is my fav. Lastly, just be very careful when buying online! 

Here’s the checklist 

1. Does the online store also have physical SHOP FRONTS (not a garage or granny flat) 

2. Are they an AUTHORISED RESELLER (important for the warranty) 

3. Will they provide a receipt with ABN (Australian business number) – Important for health fund claims etc 

4. AVOID buying from places like Facebook market place, gumtree, ebay etc!

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